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Sep. 23rd, 2020

Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil.

This journal is Friends Only.

Everything that I post in my LJ is personal so everything that I write and post in mn LJ STAYS in my LJ.

I am a very open minded disciple and I have a very outspoken opinion. I write down what I think.
I love using my LJ for to rant my anger off so do apologize me for the occasional cursing that comes with it.


Due to the fact that I don't blog in this LJ anymore, I am unfortunately no longer accepting friends requests. I am sorry about this but there is no use to add a LJ that doesn't get updated and I don't link people going trough my old emotional posts either, sorry!

If you want to be friends please add me on Facebook as I am very active there!



feedback requesting

Feedback request

Most of you are aware that the loligoth database does no longer exist, meaning my feedback does not exist anymore either and I want to start selling stuff again soon so I need your help.

If you ever bought from me please leave your comment here stating if your experience was possitive or negative, in what condition you recieved your item, handling and shipping, etc....

It would help me out a lot.

Thanks in advance!





I wasn't going to pay any attention towards these bullshit accusations that had already reached my ears several months ago, until, I was informed you were posting about the matter on 4chan which in my eyes is taking it too far. It's rather obvious that you can't cope with your own jealous feels and now that contacting my friend (who FYI was aware and doesn't care as she knows what's going on in my life) about the matter didn't had the result you were hoping you take it to 4chan?

Stating that you don't want to blackmail me but still go on about how shady my behavior is and what a greedy person I am without truly knowing anything about my situation isn't going to make you a nicer person. If anything, it just proves that you are a two faced, jealous and hypocrite person. I don't have to justify myself but note that I never sold anything unless it was absolutely necessary.

Dear god I've been away from the community for years, I come back to defend a friend once and already I am being indulged in drama. This is exactly why I left and will continue to stay away again from now on. I have more important things to focus on than silly accusations~

Autumn 2011

I took these pictures recently I wanted to share them to be more active on here~

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